We’re a group of dedicated individuals that are passionate about making people’s lives better. Collectively, no matter which of our diverse backgrounds we come from, all of us share this common belief and goal: to be there, compassionately and as helpful as possible, when our family, coworkers, and clients need us. That’s what Golden Pear Funding is really about and we work hard to continue to be a trusted financial resource.


Chief Executive Officer

Gary Amos

Forward-thinking CEO with an eye on leading innovation targeted at accelerating the processes and customer interface, creating a more valuable customer experience. Leading teams in the Financial Services space, I have experience managing & assessing growth opportunities & market trends up to $1+ billion portfolio size, including financing for healthcare, industrial tech, manufacturing, software, and consumer litigation finance. With global megatrends, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digitalization shifting today’s vertical markets – my passion and focus are creating velocity in the user experience and position financial solutions as an enabler for better outcomes. Leading our team with an innovative mindset focused on enabling digital transformation for products and processes, we grow by empowering others.

Currently leading a Financial Services platform acquired by 3 Private Equity firms. Our team is focused on delivering solutions to enable attorneys & plaintiffs for the best possible outcome in their personal injury cases. We are highly motivated to support plaintiffs/attorneys to pursue rightful settlements supporting clients' financial needs in order to provide the necessary time attorneys require to complete the legal process. Using digital techniques, our ambition is to challenge the standardization in our space by automating processes, creating portals and maintaining client engagement...all with the client in mind and how they prefer to engage our platform.

Formerly holding the role of CEO Commercial Finance Americas, my prior experience includes integrating with our clients and holistically positioning financing as a solution based on usage and performance alongside traditional equipment finance products, creating a cultural mindset shift in the equipment finance space. I joined SFS in 2007 as vice president and national sales manager and was tasked with setting the strategic direction for SFS’ Industrial Leasing platform. This high performing team, with a key concentration in middle and large ticket structured leases and loans within the industrial sector, with special emphasis on marine, rail, air, food/beverage, and chem/pharma products.

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Amsellem

Numbers don't mean anything without the care and compassion of the people here at Golden Pear Funding.

Dan Amsellem is the CFO of Golden Pear Funding, joining the team in 2015.
At Golden Pear, we are building and leading JV’s; portfolio purchases leveraging creative capital structures serving all aspects of the Pre Settlement and Medical Receivables Market. Our platform is built for speed and efficiency to manage cashflow and delivery options to our clients and customers in a digital environment with robust financial tools and KPI’s. My experience in building a balance sheet allows our firm to develop capital and debt structures that provide sustainable and predictable outcomes with reliability. Ensuring our clients and partners access to their needed cash.

I've spent 13 years being a CFO in the alternative asset industry. I joined Golden Pear after Tortus Capital, a global credit hedge fund, with experience developing uncorrelated asset portfolios and managing target returns while balancing market and customer expectations. Previously, I spent 10 years at Alternative Asset Managers, a hedge fund with over $1 billion in assets under management at the time. Key responsibilities included daily risk management, investment monitoring, operational due diligence, and investor/client services.

Spotlight on some of our amazing people

Account Manager

Pedro Barcelo

What makes working at Golden Pear so motivating for you?
I love the fact that I’m not just coming to work every day, but to a culture that instills family values and welcomes your uniqueness and individuality. I enjoy being able to work alongside individuals who truly care, not only about their growth but the overall development of the entire group.

What does "great service" look like to you?
In our industry, great customer service sets you apart from your competition if you can quickly and diligently provide as many yeses to the community you serve daily. That is our aim here at Golden Pear Funding, we're constantly looking forwards to make the funding process as easy and painless for our clients.

Sales Assistant Team Manager

Rita Regan

What makes working at Golden Pear so motivating for you?
From the outside looking in it may just seem like we are a body behind a computer but we truly do our best to help our customers get exactly what they need in their time of need and when we are able to make that happen it’s a great feeling.

What does "great service" look like to you?
I think each of us here at Golden Pear doesn’t accept “Good” and we strive for Great. We do our best to provide exceptional customer service and a speedy turnaround to get the customers the answers and funds they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Reductions Lead

Blaire Conner

What makes working at Golden Pear so motivating for you?
Working at Golden Pear is an exciting experience, with an abundance of learning opportunities. Seeing the drive and desire that my colleagues project throughout their day to day workflow; while utilizing offered weekly courses in communications, valuing each consumer, as well as specified courses for each department, in real-time, motivates me daily.

What does "great service" look like to you?
From a service standpoint, “great” looks like treating each client and firm with utmost care and respect; while ensuring to listen to each circumstance in its entirety. I enjoy that as a company we find it important that all departments work cooperatively for optimum results and customer satisfaction.

Resolution Team Lead

Leticia "Letty" Rivera

What makes working at Golden Pear so motivating for you?
I am happy to work for an organization that cultivates encouragement and appreciation for its employees. When you're surrounded by people that constantly push you to your highest potential while still leaving room to grow and learn, it makes coming to work so enjoyable.

What does "great service" look like to you?
Presenting positivity, kindness and urgency are really important. We provide a service that can help relieve some of the hardships during a difficult time and our clients need to feel that they matter.

Interested in joining the team?

Golden Pear Funding periodically posts career opportunities for amazing individuals. You can find these listings and application instructions here.