Surgical funding doctor and patient

Funding that helps you focus on healing.

We help with the upfront costs of surgery so your road to recovery and a successful settlement can be put on the fast track.

Surgical funding gives you the

financial means to complete your surgery

Financing to pay for any medical treatment and expenses related to an individual’s personal injury case such as surgery, injections, chiropractic visits, medical transportation, or in-home care.

Let us handle the fees

There's no waiting and no need to be concerned with upfront payments before performing your procedure. Your surgeon receives his/her fees on the day of your surgery.

We have your additional expenses covered

Funding can also be applied towards travel, lodging, living expenses, and bills that need to get paid while you recover. This gives your attorney more time to settle your case properly.

You no longer need to wait

Necessary medical procedures can improve your quality of life. Let's arrange your funding with your attorney today.

Surgical funding never compromises your level of care

All of the complex payments associated with medical expenses are arranged before your surgery so your care and recovery is given the priority it reserves.

Surgical funding

Get the medical funding you deserve

Surgery funding gives clients and attorneys peace of mind and the time needed to properly settle a case. It allows uninsured or underinsured accident victims around the country the medical operation and rehabilitative services necessary from injuries brought on by the negligent act of another party.

Ready to

get started?

Start your approval process now and discuss your surgical funding with one of our expert advisors who will work directly with your attorney and medical professionals.

Not sure if we can fund your case?

Take a look at our FAQs for answers to our most frequently asked questions about Golden Pear Funding and surgical funding.