Legal Team

Partnering to alleviate

your client’s financial burden.

Our transparent and streamlined process frees up your time to focus on larger settlements. We understand your firm’s needs and treat clients with dignity and professionalism.

Empower your clients

to wait it out

Thousands of attorneys and clients trust Golden Pear Funding while they comfortably hold out for fairer settlements. They wouldn’t otherewise have the financial means to do so.

Simple applications

Our electronic applications are easy and require very little documentation. Our approval process is faster and less complicated than other funding services. Plus, we won't settle for anything less than outstanding service to you and your clients.

Faster approvals

Many approvals occur within the same day or as soon as 24 hours. Our underwriters have years of experience and are sensitive to the difficult circumstances surrounding many funding requests, your firm's needs and preferences.

Focused commitment

Each firm is assigned an account manager that specifically knows your preferences. They assist with timely case updates so you can dedicate the proper time for reaching more, larger equitable settlements.

Why Consumer Litigation Funding Works For Your Clients

Simply stated, Consumer Litigation Funding, or pre-settlement funding, is access to money your client can use to alleviate any financial burden while their case settles. Although it can’t be used to fund your legal claims, it can and should be used for daily expenses, bills, and living comfortably. This gives you and your firm more time to settle for the fair and just amount due to your client.

If you’ve been retained by an injured party and they need money for peace of mind while their case settles, consumer litigation funding may be right for them. Golden Pear Funding provides the means for a safe and secure transaction that they can repay upon your settlement. Contact us for more information and how Golden Pear Funding and you can partner for a better client experience.

We work with you

for better results

If your clients’ financial needs are impeding the ability to pursue rightful settlements, contact us.

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